Graduate Funding Sub-Committee of the Provost's Task Force on University Budget Models

Click here for the Grad Funding Sub-Committee's Final Report

Terms of Reference

  • To collect relevant data in order to document and understand the Faculty-specific strategies and approaches to funding of graduate students at Western
  • To identify key issues in graduate student funding
  • To identify and document best practices in graduate student funding
  • Prepare and submit a detailed report on the above to the Provost’s Task Force by Nov 30 2015

Sub-Committee members:

  • M. Karen Campbell (Sub-Committee Chair), Special Advisor to the Provost, Vice-Provost Elect (Academic Planning, Policy, & Faculty)

  • Pam Bishop, Associate Dean (Graduate Studies), Faculty of Education

  • Ashraf El Damatty, Chair, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Engineering

  • Matt Davison, Chair, Statistical and Actuarial Sciences, Faculty of Science

  • Helen Fielding, Chair, Women’s Studies and Feminist Research, Faculty of Arts and Humanities

  • Tamara Hinan, President, SOGS and Graduate Student, Department of Political Science

  • Doug Jones, Vice-Dean (Basic Medical Sciences), Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry

  • Ruth Martin, Associate Dean (Graduate Programs), Faculty of Health Sciences

  • Margaret McGlynn, Assistant Dean (Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies), Faculty of Social Science

  • Tom Sutherland, Graduate Student Senator and Graduate Student, Department of Chemistry

Resources to the Sub-Committee:

  • Linda Miller, Vice-Provost (Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies)
  • Alan Weedon, Vice-Provost (Academic Planning, Policy & Faculty)
  • Ruban Chelladurai, Associate Vice-President (Institutional Planning & Budgeting)