Interdisciplinary Development Initiatives

About the Interdisciplinary Initiatives Pogram

The Interdisciplinary Development Initiatives Program (IDIs) provides seed funding for projects that further Western’s research and teaching mission, attract scholars and graduate students to our University, and bring prestige to Western. These IDIs, led by leading or emerging academic scholars, will have articulated undergraduate, graduate and research dimensions.

Rounds One through Four of the Interdisciplinary Initiatives Program

The Interdisciplinary Development Initiatives (IDI) Program funded eight projects in 2007-08, five projects in 2008-09, six projects in 2010-11, and four projects in 2012-13. These 23 projects were selected from 58 proposals received.

The funded projects include proposals that aim to develop new institutes, graduate programs, undergraduate programs, and a range of other ventures.

The funded IDIs include: