Vice-Provost (Academic Planning, Policy & Faculty)

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The Review-Selection Committee for the Vice-Provost (Academic Planning, Policy & Faculty) was struck in April 2019. An External Review will be conducted October 24 and 25 led by Susan Searls Giroux (McMaster University) and Alan Harrison (Queen's University). 

Selection Committee Members

Andrew Hrymak   

Provost & Vice-President (Academic);
Chair of the Selection Committee

Sarah Prichard Acting Vice-President (Research)
Erika Chamberlain

Faculty of Law

Susan Knabe

Associate Dean, Undergraduate
Faculty of Information & Media Studies

John Cuciurean

Associate Dean, Undergraduate Admissions & Programs
Faculty of Music

James Compton

Associate Professor
Faculty of Information & Media Studies

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Malcolm Ruddock                                                                            
Executive Assistant to the President and Provost                         
Tel:  519-661-4133                                                                           

Gayle Stuebing
Administrative Coordinator to the Provost
Tel:  519-661-3109