Planning Process Timeline leading to the 2015-16 University Budget

August 2014

  • Early assessment of provincial government on funding possibilities.
  • Preliminary student enrolment numbers begin to come in.
  • A preliminary budget forecast is developed by Western's Office of Institutional Planning and Budgeting (IPB).
  • Provost holds Dean's Retreat where issues and priorities are discussed. This year's main topic was a review of the University's budget model - including consideration of other models.

September 2014

  • Board of Governors Retreat with high level discussions regarding any issues and the vision for the coming year.
  • Budget planning guidelines issued to Faculties and Support Units outlining parameters for the coming year.

November-December 2014

  • Planning meetings with Faculties and the larger Support Units. The meetings are chaired by the Provost. The Vice-Presidents, the Associate Vice-President (Planning and Budgeting), and the Vice-Provosts participate in the Faculty meetings.
  • Each Faculty and Support Unit presents its plan/budget based on the planning guidelines.
  • The plan will also include requests for funding to support new priority initiatives.

January 2015

  • Provost reviews the Faculty and Support Unit plans with the President and Vice-Presidents - and presents her preliminary recommendations for all the units for discussion.
  • Based on the feedback, the Provost develops final recommendations.
  • Planning meetings take place with smaller Support Units.
  • Overall University-level budget forecasts are refined.

February 2015

  • Provost's formal letters outlining the budget recommendations are sent to Deans and Budget Unit Heads.
  • IPB refines multi-year forecasts of enrolments, revenues, and expenditures.
  • This includes detailed line-by-line forecasts on revenue items (including various government funding envelopes and tuition revenues).
  • On the expenditure side, the projections involve a number of line items such employee salaries, utility costs, insurance, library costs, student aid, IT infrastructure, etc.

March 2015

  • The Board of Governors' Property & Finance (P & F) Committee receives the report of the Student Services Committee regarding ancillary fees as well as proposals from the University Students' Council (USC), Society of Graduate Students (SOGS), and the Ivey School student groups regarding organization fees for the coming academic year.
  • Operating and Capital Budgets, tuition and other fees are presented to the Senate Committee on University Planning (SCUP).

April 2015

  • Operating and Capital Budgets, tuition and other fees are presented to Senate for advice to the Board.
  • The Board's P & F Committee reviews Operating and Capital Budgets, tuition and other fees.
  • Operating and Capital Budgets, tuition and other fees go to the Board for final approval.