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On April 23, Western's Board of Governors approved the 2015-16 University Budget - which takes us to the first year of a new four-year planning period. I am writing to provide you with the context for planning and budgeting at Western and a summary of the recommendations in the Budget.

To start with, our planning process and resource allocation recommendations are guided by our Strategic Plan - Achieving Excellence on the World Stage. From an operational perspective, supporting the academic enterprise to the maximum extent is at the heart of planning and budgeting at Western.

The external context - as we move forward into the new four-year cycle - is an environment of constrained revenue growth, in addition to a number of future uncertainties:

Internally, our parameters for the upcoming planning period include the following elements:

With the above background/context, a high-level summary of the 2015-16 University Operating Budget is as follows:

Distribution of 2015-16 Revenues

Distribution of Expenditures

** Includes an estimated $56 million for graduate student support

The one-time expenditures in this budget include the following high-priority initiatives in support of our Strategic Plan:

As I mention above, supporting our academic enterprise is our highest priority. The commitment to this priority is demonstrated by the following indicators:

Our objective to continue improving Western's academic standing will be our aim - as we move forward into a period of constrained revenues and an increasingly competitive environment. Therefore, as we head into challenging times, through our strategic investments we are supporting our academic priorities and addressing our greatest challenges head-on. We are dedicated to continuing this momentum in the best interest of our students, faculty, and staff.

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